We all do our best (or most do anyway), and the self satisfaction derived from knowing you have given a task your best shot is reward in itself. However to be recognised by your peers for not only a single job well done but for a “lifetime’s achievement” is a very special recognition enjoyed by very few. Your contribution and dedication to your (our) industry is significant and special, therefore, I am not totally surprised at this award but very very delighted for you. I think you could be excused to give yourself a little pat on the back and smile a little smile!!!
Michael Isaacs – Owner Ragdale Hall

That’s absolutely fabulous and you so deserve it. I have enjoyed every minute of the times we’ve worked together and particularly the humour and energy you put into everything you do. I can never forget the 14 hours in one day you worked on camera for Virtual Instructor – amazing just amazing. It is great that at last you have the recognition you deserve.
Tom Henderson – TV Producer

Huge congratulations – what great news! We wouldn’t be able to have such a great magazine without fantastic contributors like you.
Fiona McAuslan – Editor Fitness Professionals

Congratulations, you cant imagine how pleased I am for you. It is however very much deserved and comes as no surprise to me other than how such an award can be made to someone so young! Over the twenty years that Pure Energy has been around I have seen many “fitness industry professionals” come and go with a wide tapestry of differing talents. Some with incredible teaching skills, some with infectious personalities, some with energy and enthusiasm in such quantity that it was infectious but one person stands out who commanded all these qualities and far more besides and that person is you. As important as music is to aerobics & fitness something tells me that if you were presenting a class with a man standing in a corner beating a drum and playing a harmonica that the participants would still leave feeling enthused, empowered and totally fulfilled. Thank you for your support over so many years, your association with Pure Energy has benefited it greatly and for that we are very grateful.
Peter Parkin – Cheif Executive Music Factory Entertainment Group

Wow! Fantastic news! Congratulations! What a way to have all your hard work and career success recognised. You must be thrilled, as are we.
Charlotte Bradshaw – Weight Watchers

Great news about your award, you certainly deserve it, a true professional.
Matthew Januszek – Managing Director Escape Fitness

Fabulous news Dean, congratulations! So chuffed for you, it’s such a brilliant achievement and quite simply a wonderful recognition of the fantastic contributions you’ve made to the fitness industry. We of course appreciate all you do and have done for us over the years.
Naomi Abeykoon – Editor Bodyfit

Congratulations for the award, you made me laugh and this is your time.
Diane Youdale – Jet from Gladiators

Big congratulations Dean. That’s an incredible achievement and recognition and thoroughly deserved. You should certainly shout it from the rooftops!
Caroline Pearce – TV Presenter, Author and Fitness Model

That is fantastic news, I’d love to add our congratulations too. I think that only happens to film stars….for fitness, I’d interpret it as ‘sh*t hot’ and ‘one to watch’, by no means the end…more the beginning (again)! Congrats again, proud to have you onboard WF 🙂
Joanna Knight – Editor Womens Fitness

Wow! That’s fantastic news. Well done, you must be so chuffed. Congrats again, I’m so pleased to here everything’s going so well for you.
Elin Tough – Deputy Editor Zest

Brilliant! Well deserved. Worked with a few people over the years and you remain one of the most professional and creative.
Phil Hilton  – Editor Shotlist

When I was young I used to absolutely abhor martial arts class. For years I pouted vigorously through every car ride to that martial arts warren. Until one day during class my instructor told me about a guy named Dean Hodgkin, and he, just by existing, changed everything. I remember him telling me how he had won The World karate championship three times, three whole times, not to mention the European Karate Championships twice; my kid brain just couldn’t handle it. He was a real live ninja! He wasn’t some Hollywood movie star on a set, he was a guy who had transcended the human condition. Well that changed everything. If he could do it, so could I. He gave me a goal, and in doing so, vastly improved years of martial arts classes (and car rides). That is one reason why Dean Hodgkin is my hero.
That’s only part of the story though. Years later, this past summer actually, I came upon him again, in a different form. He was the professor for a video-series in The Great Courses which focused on anatomy and physiology. The course was something that my mom bought for me, one of those things moms buy without telling you when they’re just overloaded with affection and need to get rid of some of it; so I sat down with some trepidation, worried I was in for a brown suit and a nasally, face-punchingly boring monotone. Well, it wasn’t. I watched the series ravenously; I was a shaded plant, newly exposed to the sun. Muscles and bones, organs and energy systems were my light. He was so knowledgeable, so comfortable teaching such an in-depth course. He seemed like someone who you could ask any question about your body and he would know the answer. And then something just clicked, I want to be a personal trainer. It was a statement so organic, so fitting, as to be indomitable. I couldn’t have gotten that thought out of my head if I had wanted to. Dean Hodgkin is my hero because he gave me a compass, which doesn’t just direct me, it pulls me to where I ultimately feel I fit. I think I have a security very few people have because I found what I want to do for the rest of my life, whatever this roiling, crazy, erratic sea of life throws at me, I always have a bearing to turn back to. It’s almost indescribable. Why would I do anything else? Dean Hodgkin became a role model, something for me to aspire to, not one but twice in my life and has profoundly affected my chosen path. That is why Dean Hodgkin is my hero.
Norm Lee – Student